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15-minutes @ Movement Research at the Judson Memorial Church

Video: Quentin Burley

Original Sound by// Hanna Elliott for the work

Costumes by// DOBS (Elanur Erdogan)

Performed by// Nola Sporn Smith, Hanna Elliott & Eryka Dellenbach


Program Notes:

Make the Brutal Tender is a dance with the limbic system. It is a ritual of consent and a dance of thresholds. It is about conflict and rivalry between women. It is about instinct and desire as they relate to tenderness. Music and musician act as catalyst, control, pressure and disrupter. 

NEW Trailer

IMG_20190704_0001 copy.jpg

Site-specific movement research:


Moodna Creek (New Windsor, NY)




 Eryka piercing water current

*doc by Nola

Reeds with Nola, 9/10/18 @ Gibney

Work with Jasmine throughout 2018 at Outerspace Studios, Hamlin Park & the Archer Ballroom

B e f o r e   t h e   T e n d e r


(Sound + Movement collaboration with HOGG, 2016-17)

P E R E G R I N E   M I D W E S T:

A Shared Evening with Jessica Cornish & Eryka Dellenbach

HOGG   X   Eryka Dellenbach

WRETCH   X   Jessica Cornish

Links Hall, Chicago


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