35mm image by Alex Brown
Image by Whitney Browne

Film premiere of Mother Sparrow at Roulette Intermedium Jan. 28, 2020

with Make the Brutal Tender & Dacha ensemble

New work Moodna Process premiering at Cucalorus film festival November 13 @ Thalian Hall in Wilmington, NC

September 30, 8pm: NY Premiere @ Movement Research @ Judson Memorial Church.

Hanna Elliott, Nola Sporn Smith and Eryka Dellenbach will present a 15-min. iteration of MTBT on a bill with:

Babacar Top//Topdance Co.

Vincent Chong and Crystal Monkey

Adrienne Westwood

Music film for Sonya Belaya featuring K.J. Holmes soon to be released featuring MTBT choreography! 

Song: Mother Sparrow from Songs My Mother Taught Me

Cinematography: Carmen Hilbert

Performance: K.J. Holmes, Nola Sporn Smith, Eryka Dellenbach

Direction & Editing: E.D.

Previews for MTBT premiere in Chicago at Power Ouch Festival curated by Carole McCurdy and Aurora Tabar

© 2017 Eryka Dellenbach